Inexpensive flights on Southwest right now ($332 plus taxes & fees)

Looking for flights to San Francisco from Indiana in September?

Southwest has round trip tickets IND–>SFO–>IND for $166 each way right now for a per person round trip of $332 plus taxes & fees.

Leaving IND Wed 9/17 and flying back the following Wednesday 9/20
Their flights include free bags and less than $250 round trip is a pretty good price in my observation.
They are also running a promotion for other cities right now as well.
Detroit flights are a bit more expensive on Southwest at $190 each way for the same days, so a per person round trip of $380 plus taxes & fees.
If you search any airlines site before buying tickets, you might also want to clear your cookies as some sites charge more if you have already visited, for reals!

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