To the wedding 09.20.2014

For those of you who RSVPed “Yes” there is a shuttle the day of the wedding.

Here are the deets:
Two big yellow school buses will be arriving in front of the Oakland Marriott (Oakland Marriott – City Center, 1001 Broadway in, obviously, Oakland) at 4:30PM to take you on your field trip to the museum. The buses will leave by 4:45pm sharp, so make sure to be on time!
The buses will start loading for the return trip around 10:45PM, leaving at 11PM. We will be back to the hotel by 11:30 at the latest, so there will be plenty of time to catch BART if the hotel is not your final destination.

The rest of the time you have many choices!


You can take BART from either San Francisco or Oakland airport to Old Town (downtown) Oakland.

The stop is the 12th Street Oakland station.

There is also a ferry from San Francisco to Oakland (and Alameda).

It takes longer and is more expensive, but is usually less crowded, accommodates bikes, and has a bar.

You can also take a bus.  BART and the bus systems take Clipper Card (prepaid or linked to account) transit card, so you might want to get one from some place like CVS/Walgreens.



AC Transit



These require an account to be setup, but some are pretty easy get going and most have Android and iOS apps.

You can also use on of the car share services like (I’m partial to Lfyt, but UberX just dropped their prices)


Uber (UberX is the cheaper choice and both are included as an option in new versions of Google Maps)


Rent a car by the hour from a person

Get Around

or a company

City Car Share

Zip Car

Bike Share (mainly for San Francisco)

You can try these guys out.

Bay Area Bike Share

Similar to the Citibikes in New York.

You can get a 24hour, 3day, or year pass for unlimited 30 minute rides within each of those time windows.

Most of the pick up and drop off locations are near downtown San Francisco.

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