6 thoughts on “Wedding Location

  1. Can’t wait to rendezvous with you guys as each step of the mission unfolds! Just 193 days till blast off!

    We love you!
    Uncle Duck and Aunt Wawa

  2. Matt and Jessica,

    We just got your save-the-date. We are so thrilled for you guys. Do you have recommendations for accommodations? We’re beginning our planning and would like your suggestions. Throw them our way when you get a chance.


    • Cool! I want to get some accommodation suggestions up on this site soon. We are hoping to talk to a place to see about getting a discounted wedding rate for some rooms.

      AirBNB (https://www.airbnb.com) and VRBO (http://www.vrbo.com/) could be good candidates.
      We are going to suggest people fly into and stay in Oakland, but San Francisco is just a BART ride away.

      I will get this into a more polished form, but here are some hotels in old town Oakland, near Jack London.

      The Washington Inn Hotel
      495 10th Street
      Oakland, CA 94607
      (510) 452-1776

      Oakland Marriott City Center is just across the street too.
      1001 Broadway
      Oakland, California 94607
      (510) 451-4000

      Here are some other hotels around there as well, I just don’t know anything specific about them, but Yelp can probably fill in blanks.

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